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Go Short Term

Every year our short-term teams serve the global church and provide opportunities for you to get to grips with God’s heart for mission.

Activities range from delivering Bibles into restricted access areas to encouraging the church in cities, jungles or the Himalayas!

While the deadline for applications has now passed, there remain a few spaces on each of the teams – so get in touch if you’re interested! Details on our teams can be found below. If you have any questions, get in touch by emailing historymakers@asialink.org or through social media.


Explore India, spend time with children from slums and serve a remote village church.

Dates: July 4 – July 18
Cost: Approx. £1200 (inc. flights,
accommodation, insurance, food, visas)
Age: 18+
Location: India


Smuggle God’s Word into a country with restricted access and serve with those sharing the Gospel with unreached people.

Dates: July 21 – August 4
Cost: Approx. £1400 (inc. flights,
accommodation, insurance, food, visas)
Age: 18+
Location: South-East Asia


Serve refugee children and young people, and work alongside a group fighting human trafficking.

Dates: July 29 – August 13
Cost: Approx. £1400 (inc. flights,
accommodation, insurance, food, visas)
Age: 18+
Location: Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

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Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that an element of risk is involved in overseas travel of this kind. But no, the risk is not really about getting caught – if discovered the most likely result will be the confiscation of Bibles before being refused entry to the country. No HistoryMakers team has been caught before and our trip will be covered in prayer for protection from our Father in heaven.

Team members who have gone to carry Bibles into South-East Asia always talk about the believers they met and time spent with the local underground church, discovering what life as a Christian is like in a closed country.

Absolutely. You’ll need to make an appointment with your doctor or travel clinic to get sorted out with injections before you travel. Your doctor may also recommend bringing malaria tablets. While away in both India and South-East Asia you’ll never be far from a hospital or doctor in case of emergency.


Applications are open now! Click apply above to download an application form.

During our time in New Delhi we’ll be staying in a hotel close to our partners. During our time in the rural south-east of the country, we will be hosted by locals.

When it comes to food in India, don’t expect a korma as you’d get from your local takeaway! Expect spice and lots of rice along with lots you’ve never seen before. Even if you’re nervous about trying new things, there’s plenty on offer for everyone.

What previous team members said

“I have been in such awe of the Christians in this part of the world: the strength of their faith, the work they do and how they live out Matthew 28:18-20. Their dependence on the Lord and the way they seek him so consistently is humbling and challenging. I for one am definitely challenged to take an honest and thorough look at my life and how I live it and make some changes for the better, for God.”


“God has challenged me a lot throughout these two weeks. I feel like my eyes are open to what global mission really is. Being out here on a small team and doing only a small bit and seeing all the work that still has to be done made me wonder why we all don’t consider it. God tells us that the gospel should be spread throughout the world, and that we should be true servants of that challenged me and made me really think about it.”


HistoryMakers is the youth ministry of AsiaLink – a mission organisation reaching the unreached people of Asia. www.asialink.org

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