With our summer travel plans sadly postponed this year, we asked several members of our teams from 2019 to reflect on what they were doing this time last year. Next up is Anna, reflecting on her time at the Farm in South-East Asia.

This time last year I, along with 11 others, arrived in South-East Asia as part of a mission team to help spread the news of the Gospel to a country which is closed to the Word of God.  This was a wonderful opportunity for me to spend time with fellow Christians working together to tell people about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

As part of our two weeks in Asia, we had opportunities to visit partner projects of AsiaLink, the parent organisation of HistoryMakers. One of these projects which we had the privilege of visiting was a farm producing various breeding animals and growing food. This is a business which provides income to fund various outreaches. This farm serves as a base for evangelism offering locals job opportunities and opportunities to hear the Gospel.  This can be challenging when you live in a country where telling others about Jesus Christ is prohibited. The dedication these people gave to the Lord’s work both challenged and encouraged me in my own walk with the Lord.

During our visit to the farm, we were able to meet a number of young girls who were from the Hmong tribe, an ethnic group based within South-East Asia.  These girls were given the opportunity to stay at the farm, and were taught new skills such as sewing so that when they went back to their home villages after a few months they would be able to set up their own small businesses to help provide for their families.  Most importantly, the girls were able to hear the good news of Jesus during their stay at the farm.  One of our team members shared the story of Jonah to the Hmong girls which had to be translated into their own language.  Another team member, a dental student, was able to give a short talk about dental hygiene and she left toothpaste and brushes for the girls and any others who came to stay at the farm.

During my time spent in Asia, I realised how difficult it is for people there to follow the ways of God when it is not authorised to do so. The faith these Christians show and the love they have for God is so encouraging.

During the past 4 months of lockdown the way we come to worship on a Sunday morning has changed.  We are not able to meet together physically in the church building and come together the way we did before lockdown to worship God. This made me think about the Christians we met last summer and fellow believers all over the world who are persecuted because of their faith in Christ. Many never have had the privilege of meeting together physically with others because they could be put into prison.

My trip to Asia has made me very thankful for the privileges we have in being able to publicly worship God and to be able to tell others freely about how Jesus died on the cross to save sinners like you and me.

As we are beginning to think about returning to our church buildings to meet for worship and appreciate fellowship with other believers, remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who are not able to enjoy this privilege. Let us pray that their faith in the Lord will remain strong and many others throughout the world will put their trust in the Lord.