Internship Opportunity

AsiaLink, our parent organisation, is seeking to appoint an intern for a new one-year programme.

The AsiaLink Internship is an exciting, year-long opportunity to learn about and develop your heart for the unreached people of Asia, whilst also gaining a firm foundation in Gospel ministry.

You will be challenged and equipped to support Gospel progress in Asia

Mission Minded

Take part in our brand new six-week mission course, Mission Minded.

Is there more to mission in the Bible than just the Great Commission? Our brand new resource tracks God’s global mission plan throughout Scripture. Each short session consists of a quick video, some passages to read, questions for you reflect on and answer

Six Things To Do With Your Cancelled Summer

For many, including myself, summer holidays are usually packed to the rafters. Between holidays, short-term mission trips, local outreach programmes and camps – more nights are spent away from home rather than in our own beds!

This year, things are different.

Today, in a parallel universe where corona never happened, you might have been on holiday abroad

The Power of Love

Four months after travelling with HistoryMakers to South-East Asia, one of our summer team members, Josh, has reflected on how his time away impacted him.

Romans 8:35-38

35  “Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Missionary

Ignore Jesus’ request in John 4:35 that we take a long hard look at the fields. Seeing the needs of people can be depressing and very unsettling. It could lead to genuine missionary concern.

Focus your energy on socially acceptable targets. Go for a job with a big salary. Focus on career ambitions. Pick out that

What use am I to God?

An engineer, a vet and a missionary walk into a bar, and thus ensues a farfetched conversation eventually followed by a corker of a punchline which nobody saw coming.

That’s how the story would go if written by a stand-up comedian. However, a more realistic conversation might go something like this:

“I really admire what you do”,

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