I remember being at Sunday School when I was just seven or eight years old. The teacher, as she often did, had sat us down in a circle and was patiently telling us the story of Amy Carmichael. About how she had prayed for blue eyes when she was young and how eventually God led her to the mission field in India.

I remember feeling awe at how far she had gone for the gospel and feeling excited as I grasped a little more about how God was moving across the nations. I was challenged by the need in the world for the love of God and good news of Jesus and was convinced that as a Christian, I had a part to play in God’s great mission plan.

I also, despite my teacher’s assurances to the contrary, felt a deep sense of inadequacy.

How was I ever supposed to live up to the example of Christian missionaries like Amy? She, and others like her, always seemed like Christian superstars; going further and working harder than regular little Christians like me.

What could I offer? How could I engage with the mission to reach the world with the gospel when I was still at school, or still in university? What does God have to teach those in their teens and twenties about His work across the world?

The heart of HistoryMakers is to help young Christians figure out their place in global mission whether that be at school, at university or during their first few years of working life.

Our hope and prayer is that the stories we tell and opportunities offered will help you work out your place in God’s great mission.

We can’t wait to get started!